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In the course of gathering information regarding Coast Guard crashes, a number of people have helped out. Below are some of these people that have added eyewitness accounts, photos, and other valuable information that fill these Coast Guard crash pages. 

 If we left you out, please drop us an email to .

Coast Guard Historian's Office, - Dr. Bob Browning and Scott Price
Coast Guard Flight Safety Office, - Cathie Zimmerman, Deputy Chief of USCG Flight Safety
Fred's Place - A gathering place on the Internet for Coasties. It has been a great place to locate people.
Craig Michals, the navigator aboard the HC-130H 1600 when it crashed on Attu, for providing photos and portions of the crash report.
Sherry Cartmill, Contra Costa County Library, Interlibrary Loan -  For working so hard in tracking down microfilms of newspapers from all over the country so I could search through them for information concerning crashes.
Paul & Evelyn Powers for letting me stay at their place on my research trips to Washington D.C. 
Gary Hyatt for providing background info on some of the U.S. Customs planes that were transferred to the Coast Guard in 1934.
Bob L. Plunkett for firsthand information and photos on the PBY crash in Guam, November 11, 1952.
The books by Arthur Pearcy, U.S. Coast Guard Aircraft since 1916,  and History of U. S. Coast Guard Aviation, have helped to add a lot of background information about the aircraft, air stations, and eras.
Bill Larkins has allowed the use of many of his photos of Coast Guard aircraft. He is the author of U.S. Navy Aircraft 1921-1941 & U.S. Marine Corps Aircraft 1914-1959. He is also the moderator of CoastGuardAircraft @
Terence Geary for his help in researching the November 27, 1943 PBY crash in Dutch Harbor that killed ENS Charles E. Johnson.
Joe Baugher and his web site (a must see!) has been very helpful in tracking down and/or confirming aircraft makes and types.
Lynn Gamma, HQ Air Force Historical Research Agency
Brent Malcolm, LCDR, USCG (Ret) - Firsthand information about Mt. Mars HU-16 crash and in locating other people associated with the accident.
Boon Hughey - For locating the prop of HU-16E #2128 which greatly narrowed the area to search for the crash site.
Larry Nudson - For providing photos of the wreckage of HU-16E #2128 and for relating his story about how he could have been one of those killed.
Drew Ross (who's family once owner the property)- For helping to pinpoint the crash site of HU-16 #2128 and in aiding to carry the 60-lb. propeller off the hillside for a planned memorial at USCG Air Station San Francisco.
Don Decker, former Coast Guardsman
Nelson Dionne for providing a great deal of information through newspapers clips of activities of Coast Guard Air Station Salem, especially about Lt Perry Lyons.

Bill Deane, the head of the Mass. Historical Aviation Society, for information relating to Coast Guard operations in Mass.

Lorraine Meadows, Snyder County Historical Society, Middleburg, PA - For her help & tireless research into the AP1 C.R. Byrd mystery
Henry Kind, CG Radioman during WWII - Provided photos of OS2U-2 #2270 and for assistance with some of the other accidents.
Robert Brown, rescuer of Henry Kind after the crash of OS2U-2 #2270 (among many other things) - Provided a unique view of the accident.
Robert Ovink, U.S. Navy PBY crewman aboard #04447 in July 1, 1943.
Adolph Meisch, Jr, - For background information and numerous photos and old newspaper clips on the Navy R5D-3 funeral plane crash. Meisch is also currently involved in the PBY Catalina Memorial, for NAS Whidbey Island Seaplane Base Oak Harbor.
Floyd Birt for background information on the Navy R5D-3 funeral plane crash.
Robert A. Carlston, CDR USCG (Ret), - Firsthand information and photos of the Salem UF-1G #1278 crash and information about crash of HO4-S-3G #1299.
Loren Seeger, CAPT USCG (Ret), - Firsthand information on the Dec 5, 1936 crash of Luke Christopher.
Pedro D. Marticio, BM1, USCG (Ret)
Russ Marvin -  Info and photos of C-130 #1600 Attu Crash
Martha Mendoza on the staff of the Kirn Memorial Library in the City of Norfolk, VA., for her research help with several crashes in the Norfolk area.
Warren Bonner, USCG (MoMM3) Acting Chief Petty Officer - Info on CGC Eastwind J2F-6 crash - For more CGC Eastwind stories go to the Mighty "E" Web Site at http//
Duane Beland - Flew with LT Jack Rittichier in Vietnam and provided information & photos.
Sperry Storm, CAPT USCG (Ret) - General information on CG crashes.
Tom Pilsch - A Forward Air Controller in Vietnam, has actively been engaged in the search for Jolly Green 23. His web site was a great source of information on the crash of Jolly Green 23. He currently is Assistant Dean, Continuing Education & Special Programs, College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he also lectures on the history of air operations in the Southeast Asia conflict. Click here to visit his web site.  
Stacey N Jones and Baker Herbert, CWO4, USCG (Ret) - Info on LT Jack Rittichier,  Jolly 23 Crash
PA2 Lauren Y. Smith, 14th Coast Guard District Public Affairs - For photos of the Jolly Green 23 crash site recovery efforts.
Larry Hughes, Keeper of the Call Signs, - For help with getting the players straight in the story about Jolly Green 23.>
Kevin J. Bochynski - For his efforts in researching CG crashes involving Coast Guard Air Station Salem.
Christopher Freeze, - For submitting numerous crash report requests, hosting these web pages, his remarkable research skills regarding names of personnel involved with these mishaps, and for his astonishing ability to locate just about anyone through the Internet.


This section of Check-Six devoted to Coast Guard crashes is authored and maintained by Ken Freeze .

Ken served in the Coast Guard for 20 years as a Photojournalist and Public Affairs Specialist, six of those years were on flight orders flying regularly from Coast Guard Air Stations at New Orleans, Louisiana; Kodiak, Alaska; San Francisco, Calif., and from time to time from every other Coast Guard air station located on the Pacific.

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