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The Crash of the C-124 near Travis AFB, CA
3 June 1958


Douglas C-124A Globemaster II, 
USAF Serial no. 51-0114
Assigned to the 1503rd Air Transport Wing in Tachikawa AFB, Japan
There were 8 aboard, 6 of which were killed.
Major Henderson Cagle
Captain Robert E. Rogers
First Lieutenant Curtis A. Guild
Second Lieutenant Robert Distefano
Technical Sergeant Carroll D. Coziah
Staff Sergeant Raymond L. Hart
Staff Sergeant Ivan J. Wiebold
Airman 2nd-Class Charles R. Vance


Italics denote those whom died as a result of the crash.
En route to Tachikawa, Japan, via Honolulu, the aircraft had just been returned to the Air Force after a major overhaul at the Douglas Aircraft plant in Long Beach, Calif.  Carrying over 20,000 pounds in cargo bound for the Orient, the aircraft was observed climbing to 1000 feet, when the port wing suddenly dipped, and the aircraft fell into a steep turn, hitting the ground about a half mile from the end of the runway, north of Highway 12.

Two of the officers and all four of the enlisted crew of the plane survived the initial impact of the crash.  However, all but two of the enlisted quickly succumbed to injuries and burns.


We are currently searching for photos of the crash site taken during the investigation. If you have any - please contact us.
According to the US Air Force Accident Report Narrative
Attempts to obtain a copy of the official mishap report have so far proven fruitless.  However, we have not given up hope.

The Crash Site Today

Today, the site is sparsely scattered with few remains of the aircraft.  The site lies is a field that has been graded since the crash.  It is thought that much of the aircraft remains (that when not removed in 1958) are buried as a result of this.  
However, a close inspect of the ground's surface reveals hidden pieces.  A piece of aluminum slag hints of a post-crash fire of the wreck.

Large specimens can be found further in the debris field near Travis AFB.
A near-perfect match

Panorama of the site looking to the north.
Click the image above for a 360-degree view of the crash site

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