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B-17C near Tells Peak, CA
Right Wing Section


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This section is the largest piece still intact and is just a short distance off a main forest trail. The people in the photo give you some idea as to how large the wing is. 

Keep in mind, the section is lying upside down. The inboard engine is to the left and the rest of the wing stretches into the background. Below is the opposite side of the engine mount area.

The area is littered with pieces that show evidence of being violent ripped from the aircraft.
Most of the internal members looked in surprisingly good shape, especially considering how the crash occurred and that they had lying on the forest floor for 60 years.

The inboard (No. 2) engine nacelle.

Here you can clearly see the Army Star on the wing.
A review of the crash report gives some insight into the original condition of the wing. According to the report, the wing was initially found standing on end in a vertical position.

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