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Flight Crew of Transocean Airlines Flight #942
Harvey W. Rogers, 41, of Lafayette,  chief pilot for Transocean Air Lines
Herman E. Hum, 41, of Daly City, Transocean captain and pilotFred W. Patchett, 37, of Burlingame, co-pilot
Velma I. Sandridge, 27, of Oakland, stewardessMrs. Lucille Munro Chapman, 41, of El Paso, Texas, second stewardess


The passengers of Transocean Airlines Flight #942 were:

(all assigned to the 509th Bomber Wing - Walker AFB, New Mexico)

S/Sgt. Kenneth B. Shapiro, 22S/Sgt. Robert P. Malady, 21S/Sgt Anthony Bush, 45
A/1c Bernard J. Rolle, 24A/1c William M. Smart, 23A/1c Robert C. Hitchcock, 22
A/1c James C. Coomer, 22A/1c Harold L. Maloy, 23A/1c Veldon L. Wichser, 20
A/1c Troy E. Matlock, 22A/1c Eugene G. Granger, 23A/1c James E. McClanahan
A/1c Patrick A. Carini, 23A/1c William G. Cope, 22A/1c Wayne A. Johnson
A/2c Norman E. Wilson, 21A/2c Ammya B. Placker, 21A/2c Paul G. Moore. 21
A/2c George E. Blair, 20A/2c William C. Michael, 21A/2c Bennie C. Mabbitt, 22
A/2c Jasper W. Hall, 20A/2c Eldridge J. Larkins, 20A/2c Daniel F. Clinton, 20
A/3c Samuel J. JordanA/3c Roman Candelaria, 20A/3c Kenneth E. Oliver, 22
A/3c Robert G. Rodgers, 18A/3c Joseph L. Dobbs, 19A/3c Joseph W. Madigan, 21



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