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The Passenger List of United Air Lines Flight 615
Near DeCoto, Calif

August 24 1951

The Crew

Captain Marion W. Hedden, 42, of Los Altos, CA

Born in Alabama, Hedden began his career with United Air Lines on Nov. 1, 1939. 

A former Navy flying instructor, he had accumulated 12,032 flight hours, including 417 in the DC-6 and 14 in the new DC-6B. He was granted a DC-6 rating on Jan. 15, 1951, and qualified on the DC-6B on April 26, 1951, only 4 months earlier.


First Officer George A. Jewett, 35, of Redwood City, CA

Raised in Ames, Iowa, he had been flying for United Air Lines for five years, having been a veteran of 37 bombing mission in the B-17 'Flying Fortress' during World War II, leaving the service as a captain.

A qualified captain for United for over two years, he was receiving familiarization training in the DC-6B before captaining his own.

Flight Engineer Mario A. Durante, 36,  of Sausalito, CA

Born in Wyoming, he had worked with United for 13 years, and been a flight engineer for almost two years.

Flt. Engineer Arthur W. Kessler, 43, of Redwood City, CA

Born in Wisconsin, he was the cheif flight engineer for the Pacific Coast division of United, having served with them 21 years.  He was an observer on this flight.

Stewardess Marilyn M. Murphy, 24, of San Mateo, CA

Born in Iowa, she had worked for United since for over two years.


Stewardess Mae LaVerne Sholes, 22, of Palo Alto, CA 

Having joined United Air Lines only a year earlier, Flight #615 was to be last flight, having just been engaged to a graduate of Stanford University.

The Passengers
LTJG Dorothy Sue Ball, of Leicester, North Carolina.  Boarded at Hartford, Conn.

William Dean Beveridge, 29, of Eastontown, New Jersey - Born in Michigan, boarded at Philadelphia.

Major Beverly L. Britton, of Falls Church, Virginia.  Boarded at Chicago.

Andrew C. Colegrove, 43, of Mystic, Conn. Boarded at Chicago,

Major Theodore Raymond Danielson, 41, of San Francisco - Born in Montana, served in the U.S. Army in Korea, was an engineer training officer at the Presidio, and is buried at Golden Gate National Cemetery.

2LT Lawrence A D'Anna, 29, of Camp Stoneman, Calif. - Born in Ohio

Madison Thenton Davis, 41, of Altadena, Calif.  Boarded at Chicago.

Private John M Fejes, 17, of Camp Stoneman - Born in Ohio

PFC Robert A. Fitzpatrick, 19, of Salem, Massachusetts

Violabelle Davis Gommel, 30, of Albany, Calif. - Born in Ohio, boarded at Cleveland, wife of Richard Gommel, a service manager at the Marquette Metal Company

Nancy Jean Gommel, 5, of Albany, Calif. Boarded at Cleveland.

Richard Carroll Gommel Jr., 8, of Albany, Calif. - Born in Ohio, boarded at Cleveland.

Joseph J. Grota Jr., 22 - Born in Rhode Island, boarded at Chicago

Clayton Edward Gunn, 49, of Oakland, Calif. - Born in Iowa, he was the president of Continental Auto leasing System, and a well-known cattle rancher.

James Lee Hittson, of Athens, Tenn. - Boarded in Chicago

Hugh Kris Holmlund, 3, of Menlo Park, Calif. Boarded at Chicago,

John Paul Holmlund, 8 months, of Menlo Park, Calif. Boarded at Chicago

Pauline Holmlund, 24, of Menlo Park, Calif. - Born in Kentucky, the wikfe of United mechanic Hugo J. Holmlund, boarded at Chicago

Dean Johnson, 57, of Portland, Oregon. - Born in Arkansas, boarded at Chicago

Harold Albert "Ernest" Johnson, 45, of Portland, Oregon - Born in South Dakota, boarded at Chicago

SGT Carl R. Keiser, 27, of Kutztown, Pa.

Frederick G. Liebich, 19, of Belmont, Calif. - Born in Illinois, boarded at Chicago, the son of George F. Liebich, a United mechanic.  He and his brother, Wayne, filled a last-minute vacancy on the flight.

Wayne T. Liebich, 10, of Belmont, Calif. - Born in Illinois, boarded at Chicago, the son of George F. Liebich, a United mechanic.  He and his brother, Frederick, filled a last-minute vacancy on the flight.

Irving F. Lyons, 58, of Oakland, Calif. - Boarded at Chicago, was a traffic manager for the California Packing Corporation.

John F. Leach, 55, of Oakland, Calif. - Boarded in Chicago, he was the chief tender on the Oakland-Alameda bridges, and was returning from the national Moose convention in Buffalo, NY

George McDonald, of Oaklawn, Illnois - Boarded in Chicago

Mrs. Agnes McDonald, 46, of Oaklawn, Illnois - Boarded in Chicago

1st Lt. William Berkeley Napton, 30, North Sacramento, Calif. - Born in Oregon and boarded in Chicago, was the registrar of the infirmary at McClellan AFB, and formerly the business manager of the Concord Hospital

Robert T. Petrie, of Portland, Oregon

Private Raymond E. Rex, 20, of Carey, Ohio

PFC James Robbins, 22, of Conneaut, Ohio - Born in Indiana

Mrs Elizabeth Angeline Rose, 36, of Redwood City, Calif. - Born in Illinois and boarded the plane in Chicago, was the wife of Dean Rose, a United mechanic. 

Kathleen Ann Rose, 3, of Redwood City, Calif. - Boarded in Chicago with her mother, Elizabeth

Electrician's Mate Reynold L. Schwartz, 20, of Avon, Ohio - Boarded in Cleveland, a member of the U.S. Navy

Howard Leo Stilley, 42, of Oakland, Calif.- Boarded in Chicago, he was a sales manager for Bay Cities Equipment.

Joseph A. Saldana, 22, of San Jose, Calif. - Born in Texas, boarded in Chicago, had just been discharged from the Army after four years of service

Josephine Florence Sena, 35, Hartford, Conn. - Born in Connecticut, boarded in Chicago.

Hospital Corpsman - Third Class Joseph L. Toman, of Youngstown, Ohio - Boarded in Cleveland, was in the U.S. Navy

Eric Preston Van, 46, of Portland, Oregon - Boarded in Chicago

George H. Weaver, of Bangor, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Katherine Dierolf Willauer, 38, of Menlo Park, Calif. - Born in Pennsylvania, boarded in Chicago

Dennis Willauer, 4, of Menlo Park, Calif.- Born in Wyoming, boarded in Chicago

Anna Lee Willauer, 14, of Menlo Park, Calif. - Born in Pennsylvania, boarded in Chicago

Leslie Willauer, 14 months, of Menlo Park, Calif.- Born in California, boarded in Chicago

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