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The Check-Six Online Museum 


"You got to think ahead to the future...  Folks like things that have actually been there..."  

- Captain Virgil I. 'Gus' Grissom, Mercury Astronaut

Opened to the Public - June 11th, 2003

Check-Six has come to boast one of the more extensive & diverse private collections in the realm of experimental and test flight collecting, but also includes items from throughout history, including unusual items from all areas.  Many of the items are commonplace souvenirs, others are rare and truly unique.  

Visit this page frequently, as the collection is large, and this section ever-expanding.


As of December 7th, 2009, there are now 102 items on public display in the Check-Six Online Museum.


Scores more await cataloging, photography, and description entry...

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'First Flights''Disneyana'
"And Now, Something Completely Different"
Coming Soon! 
PhilatelicsAtomic History


  The 'Check-Six Online Museum' is actively seeking certain items for display in our collection!  Click here to see our list! 

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 Curious as to the Meaning of "Check-Six"?


All items displayed in the 'Online Museum' are not for sale or trade for any reasonable offer - no exceptions!

Pages within the 'Online Museum' are graphic intensive and may not be suitable for viewers using slower internet connections.

Javascripts must be enabled to view many items in the 'Online Museum'


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