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"Late Night Flight"



In 1956, the world learned that Thomas "Tommy Fitz" Fitzpatrick did not mince words. So when a fellow bar patron wagered that Tommy Fitz couldn't leave the bar, go to New Jersey, and then get back in 15 minutes, the Marine and pilot arose from his barstool in Washington Heights, New York, announced he would be back shortly, and disappeared off into the night to find a plane.


Once in New Jersey, he then hot-wired the aircraft, took off and flew it towards the bar he had just been at, landing on city streets amidst the canyons of Manhattan and nonchalantly taxiing up to the door of the bar.


And in 1958, after someone refused to believe he had done the first one, he did it again!






Kahluadark, like the night.05 oz
vodkaclear, like Tommy Fitz' intentions those nights1.5 oz
Chambordraspberry, like the like Tommy Fitz gave with his face to his doubters.5 oz
blackberrieslike parked cars on Manhattan streets5
egg whiteforms fluffy clouds 1
simple syrupsweet like victorydash
  • Pour Kahlua into the base of a cocktail glass.
  • In a separate mixing glass, muddle the blackberries, add Chambord and one ounce of vodka, and shake with ice.
  • Strain carefully into a layer over the Kahlua.
  • In another mixing glass, shake egg white, syrup, and remaining half ounce of vodka — without ice — to create an emulsion.
  • Layer this fluffy white foam on top…


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