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When were they produced?

From the mid 1960s until 1974.

Where were they produced?

Most were converted at a facility at the Santa Monica Airport in California.

What models of motorcycle were offered?

Several different models were available, plus a few factory custom jobs. Kits could also be purchased and, in theory, used on any motorcycle. Click here for a list of factory bikes.

How many were produced?

According to Jeff Shapiro, who worked at the factory, about 1,000 were converted/built.

Are they valuable?

That depends on who is buying it. As with most things, condition is very important. To someone who recognizes the uniqueness of the Suitcase Cycle, it's worth a premium. I personally feel that they are worth about 30 to 50-percent premium over that of a like-condition bike. For example, take a CT90 that is worth $800, a complete factory built Suitcase Cycle could be worth around $1,200 to the right person.

However, bikes that were built from kits often are missing some of the extra modifications that the factory bikes have because people just didn't bother to go through the extra steps to do the work to make the modifications. So that would lessen their value.

Also, subtract from the price if the tray is missing. But add to the price if it comes with the carrying cases. 

But - in the end it is only worth what someone will pay you for it. If you are in a hurry and want to sell one fast, don't expect to get top dollar for it. And by all means don't expect to get hundreds or even a thousands of dollars for a rusty bike that is missing lots of parts and doesn't even run just because it is a Suitcase Cycle.

Where can I get one?

Ebay and Craigslist. But you have to watch both like a hawk and both bikes and parts rarely come up.

I suspect that if you poke around some of the small airports you might find one tucked away in a hanger someplace. It doesn't hurt to ask around.

Where can I get parts?

For the parts that are unique to the Suitcase Cycle - it's the same as above. For the stock motorcycle parts Ebay, Craig's list again, but you can also try a dealer.

Where can I sell one?

Ebay and Craigslist.

Is anyone making anything like the Suitcase Cycle today?

Not that we know of. Honda made the 'Motocompo' between 1981 and 1983, but it was just sold in Japan. It was tiny, only went about 18 mph and wasn't street legal.

How many are left?Your guess is as good as any. I suspect that many have been scrapped or parted out by people who didn't know what they had.

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