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Load a Cycle into a Cessna

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Welcome to the S & K Suitcase Cycle Web Site. Here we have tried to gather as much information as we can on the S & K Suitcase Cycle that was built from 1966 to 1974 for use in small aircraft like Cessnas and Pipers.

If you are a long time owner or someone who just discovered these unique machines, I hope you find something useful and informative here These motorcycles were modified to fill a very special need for owners of small planes.  And although is has been nearly 40 years since they were last produced, they are being rediscovered by motorcycle enthusiasts across the country.

This is a fan page meant to help people learn more about the Suitcase Cycles. It is not directly associated with company, and cannot obtain parts, or render maintenance or repair service to any Suitcase Cycles.

a early-to-mid 1970s Honda CT90 "Suitcase Cycle"

Must be a factory conversion (not from a home kit), and should include the storage tray.

Suzuki, other makes, or non Honda CT models, please do not contact.

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Photo courtesy Keith Harris

This section of Check-Six is devoted to the S & K Suitcase Cycle and is authored and maintained by Ken Freeze .  I'd like to thank Jeff Shapiro, Lee Pearl, and Keith Harris for their help in providing information, documents and photos for this section.


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