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Factory Built Models


Honda 50

Honda 55

Honda C70
Honda C70MHonda C90Honda CT90 (most built)
Honda CL100Honda SL125

Suzuki Honcho

Suzuki Blazer

Suzuki Sierra (Highway Legal)


Honda 175 (Only 1 known)Suzuki TS185 (only 1 known)Yamaha 360 (Only 1 known)

Do-it-Yourself Kits

Wayfarer Kit

Designed to convert Hondas for easy transport inside station wagons, campers and cars. Kit includes quick disconnects for frame, electrical wiring, sear and luggage rack. Largest section of dissembled Honda is 27 inches high, 19 inches wide, 47 inches. For CT90, C100, C102m C70M & CM91

Seafarer KitFits the Honda into even smaller area with rear wheel removal proviso. Same contents as Wayfarer kit, plus quick disconnects for wheel, muffler and throttle cable. A wheeled fiberglass tray is included to ease loading and protect the vehicle. Largest sections is 22 1/2 X 19 X37 1/2 inches. For CT90, C100, C102m C70M & CM91
Skyfarer KitAdapts the Honda for light aircraft where with dimensions are critical. Four folding foot-pegs and folding brake lever reduce overall width; a new S&K Shift Lever is provided for some models. Contents otherwise are the same as the Seafarer Kit. Largest section is 22 1/2 X 13 X 37 1/2 inches. For CT90, C100, C102m, C70M & CM91


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